EPC to host official opening with a reconciliation

The Eastern Papua Carnival is to officially open its tournament tomorrow (Saturday 5th Nov,2022) beginning with a traditional reconciliation at the University of Papua New Guinea oval.

The traditional reconciliation is based on the current issue back in Trobriand Islands, Milne Bay Province. The event stands to clarify and bring peace to the Milne Bay community in Port Moresby who have lost their loved ones during the massacre.

 The opening of the tournament will see a number of events, beginning with the kickoff of the children’s soccer tournament, the traditional reconciliation and speeches to commemorate the opening of the event.

On Sunday 06-Nov-2022, the children’s soccer tournament continues with its finals followed by the official announcement of the teams for this year’s soccer fest.

Carnival President Dr. linus Digim’Rina in his circular stated that the kickoff for men’s and women’s soccer tournament will commence on November 12.

2 thoughts on “EPC to host official opening with a reconciliation”

  1. linus digim'Rina

    The handshake representing the symbol of reconciliation is in ‘pale white’. Could we have our skin color instead which is the reality on the ground?


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