The EPC community lost some key members of its community in 2020 and 2021. We make this little space to pay our respects to the following:

  • Fred Bukoya, son of one of the key founding fathers of EPC in Noel Bukoya,
  • Founder of Green Liners Football Club, late Islaine Modakewau,
  • Former manager of Yabwau Football Club, Mr Benjamin Molilobida Jacob
  • former EPC Secretary, founder and manager of Gabutu Football Club, Mr Simon Taulabena Dobbin
  • Sam Imatana – former EPA vice president and patron/manager for LSC and Yalas soccer clubs
  • Kaniku – Enthusiastic EPC/EPA promoter and manager of Yalas soccer club as well

EPA officials were able to make some presentations in four of the above haus krais with some modest cash and in-kind contributions on behalf of the EPC community.